22 January 2017

A North Island Road Trip 25 years ago #19

Now just a memory - Air Freight (NZ)'s first Convair at Auckland on 30 January 1992.
I have updated my post on Air Freight (NZ) at it can be read at

21 January 2017

A North Island Road Trip 25 years ago #18

Another Bandit... Eagle Air's first, Embraer Bandeirante ZK-ERU at Whangarei on 29 January 1992

20 January 2017

A North Island Road Trip 25 years ago #17

Remember when Great Barrier Airlines had an orange color scheme... Piper Aztec ZK-FMU at Auckland on 27 January 1992.

For my full history of Great Barrier Airlines see : http://3rdlevelnz.blogspot.co.nz/2015/05/the-barrier-connection-great-barrier.html

FMU also saw service with Air Freight (NZ)  -

19 January 2017

A North Island Road Trip 25 years ago #16

Newly arrived Fairchild Metroliner ZK-POB at Ardmore on 25 January 1992.
It's main use for the next 25 years was with Airwork on NZ Post flights... One wonders what its future will be!

18 January 2017

Calling Air Rotorua pilots...

After posting the photo of Air Rotorua's Seneca ZK-FNB earlier this month I have been doing a little research and have started preparing a post on the operation.

I have received a little more information to help the post...

I am wondering if there are any ex Air Rotorua pilots that can give me a few comments/info on their time with Rotorua... especially those who flew the service in the late 1980s or early 1990s

Things I am particularly looking for are....

  • I can't find the start date of the Rotorua-Gisborne NZ Herald... 
  • If you were flying Seneca ZK-FNB from Rotorua to Gisborne could you give me a range of dates you were flying so I can find an earliest date...
  • When you were flying the service who was operating it and who owned the business/aircraft.
  • Did Leslie Aviation/Lakeside Aviation buy the Seneca and or commercial wing of the Aero Club or did Lakeside just manage it?
  • There was for a time an additional Friday evening ROT-GIS-ROT service... did that last long? 
  • Anything other info or stories
Many thanks

I am happy to email what I have put together already....



A North Island Road Trip 25 years ago #15

Flightline's Cessna 172 ZK-ELF at Ardmore on 14 January 1992... In July 1992 Flightline took over the operation of Waiheke Air Services... see : http://3rdlevelnz.blogspot.co.nz/2011/08/wings-of-gulf-waiheke-air-services.html

Capital Air - A Capital Way to Takaka

Capital Air had its origins in a company called Zephair Limited which was founded by Richard Molloy and Lisa Sheppard in November 2005. Flights begab between Wellington and Takaka beginning on the 12th of January 2006 under the name of Capital Air. A change to the company name was made in September 2006 when Zephair Ltd was renamed Capital Air Bookings Ltd.

The company mainly used Piper PA-32R-301 Saratoga, ZK-ZIG on the service (c/n 32R 8013045) but Beech 58 Baron ZK-WLV (c/n TH 698) was also used. The aircraft were based in Wellington and crewed by instructors from the Wellington Aero Club. Initially flights operated twice a week, on Fridays and Sundays, with additional flights over long weekends. In 2006 these flights ran until Queens Birthday weekend and then ceased over the winter months restarting in late September. In following years the flights ran from late September until late April with the frequency of flights increasing, especially during peak summer periods. During the peak season up to six flights were scheduled per week with additional flights operated on demand.

Piper PA32 Saratoga ZK-ZIG at Takaka on 30 November 2007

Also used occasionally on the service was Beech 58 Baron ZK-WLV which was photographed at Hokitika on 7 June 1996

Capital Air, 1 September 2007

As well as the flights to Takaka, Capital Air also operated charter and scenic flights from Wellington

Piper Saratoga ZK-ZIG with Capital Air titles at the Wellington Aero Club on 16 April 2009. 
In May 2009 Capital’s Air base was moved from Wellington to Takaka and the company was renamed Golden Bay Air Ltd to reflect its increasing commitment to the Bay.

For the post on Golden Bay Air see :

17 January 2017

A North Island Road Trip 25 years ago #14

Now ATR 72s and Bombardier Q300s offer Auckland-Tauranga services. In 1992 this was the domain of Eagle Air's Embraer Bandeirantes. Now both Eagle Air and the Bandits have gone. ZK-KIP at Tauranga on 23 January 1992.

For a full history of Eagle Air see:

Eagle Air – History

Part 1 - The Fledgling Eagle

Part 2 - The Eagle Spreads its Wings

Part 3 – The Eagle Soars – Truly Becoming a Regional Airline

Part 4 – Eagle, the High Flying Link Carrier and its Future

16 January 2017

A North Island Road Trip 25 years ago #13

Not used on an air service but an interesting flightseeing aircraft... Volcanic Air Services' Cessna 337 Skymaster ZK-DSC at Rotorua on 23 January 1992

15 January 2017

A North Island Road Trip 25 years ago #12

Sunair had a couple of Cessna 206s for services to Motiti and Great Barrier Island. Cessna 206 ZK-DRD at Tauranga on 22 January 1992

 Cessna 206 ZK-DFW at Rotorua on 23 January 1992
For a full history of Sunair see : http://3rdlevelnz.blogspot.co.nz/2011/02/sunair-still-shining-25-years-on.html