30 April 2017


I am one of the nerdy kind of people who keep boarding passes and a record of my flights... I don't know if you have seen but there is a great website called Flightdiary where you can record your flights... Recently they have loaded up a number of smaller NZ airports - still missing the likes of Omaka and Taieri but it is a big improvement... So I am gradually loading a lot of historical flights I have taken. Sadly my old tickets got thrown out years ago and a number of the flights I am trying to figure out roughly when I flew... However it is all interesting and maybe of use to some other nerdy aviation enthusiasts...

Flightdiary has now migrated to my.flightradar24.com   - Steve, 20 May 2017


  1. Thanks Steve, the likes of Flight memory and Ba97 were not cutting the mustard. Will be looking into this. I have kept every boarding pass since 2005! Wish I had kept all of them, although I suspect there would be boxes full of them everywhere. Bad enough with 12 years worth!

  2. Don't worry you're not the only one I also keep my boarding passes as memories